How to clone a site using BackupBreeze ?

Please follow these steps for cloning your WordPress site ( E.g. to

1) Create backup file for (site1).

2) After creating backup, download Backup File and Installer (install.php file)

3) Now create database for (site2) and add new user and grant all permissions to this user. Keep the information like Database name, User Name, Password handy.

4) Upload Backup File and Installer (install.php file) using any FTP program on site where you want to clone (site2).

5) Open your web brower and execute the install.php file -

6) It will display a form where you have to fill these details -

-Database Name
-User Name
-New URL: site2 (

Then click the "Restore/duplicate" button

That's it - you have now successfully created a clone site.

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