Can I see a list of all the legal page templates in WPLegalPages ?

We are always adding more templates to the library of pages built into this tool. Here is a current list…

  1. Terms of use (forced agreement)
  2. Linking policy template
  3. External links policy template
  4. Terms and conditions template                  
  5. Refund policy template                              
  6. Affiliate disclosure template
  7. Privacy Policy template                                
  8. Affiliate agreement template                    
  9. FB privacy policy template
  10. Earnings Disclaimer template                      
  11. Antispam template                                      
  12. Double dart cookie template
  13. Disclaimer template                                        
  14. FTC statement template                            
  15. Medical disclaimer template
  16. Testimonials disclosure template              
  17. Amazon affiliate template

We also have all templates built into categories for ease of setup. You can reference the category list HERE (this links off to jpg image)!

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