Will WPLegalPages legally protect me?

We are not lawyers and so if you have any questions on whether this works in your US State, or in your country or for your “niche” you should consult with a qualified attorney for that. Now I find that Internet Attorneys tend to be a bit better and cheaper to ask these sorts of questions to. Do NOT assume that consulting with an attorney is expensive as most times it is not.
These templates were created by our Internet Attorney based on the current laws of the US in 2012. If changes are made to US policy then we update the templates. If you want the contact information of our Internet Attorney to consult with them on your questions etc for this tool feel free to raise a ticket and we will put you in contact. Understand they are NOT free and will cost you money. They may or may not give you a discount seeming you were sent from us, but its worth mentioning.

By purchasing a copy of the WPLegalPages plugin, you understand and agree that the provided policy content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. is not a law firm and is not providing legal advice. The information offered by is not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney. No attorney-client relationship is established between and you.

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