WPLocalPlus US Edition Setup Instructions

Steps To Follow 

1. Install the plugin .

2. Activate the plugin .

3. Once the plugin is activated you will see 3 tabs on the left hand side of the dashboard :

Business List

Click on Business List Tab-> Fill in the forms to create Business listings ->Preview Business list -> Add Business list.

There are 3 options you will see in 'What' Field - Places , Reviews and Offers .

You can select any option according to your requirement .

Then Go to the page/post where you want to display those listings -> Paste the shortcode [wplocalplus] given
on the right hand side of the post/page .

Select business list from Drop down menu on right side of the page .

To set up featured listings:
8. Enter your featured listing
9. Dont forget your feature listing Image (Woohoo!)

To set up shadow box ads:
10. Setup your shadow box ads (optional - just like original version)
11. Have a look at the cool page you have created in a matter of minutes .

Shortcodes -

There are three shortcodes you can use on WordPress Page/Post -

1) -[wplocalplus]

2) - [allcity]

Paste this shortcode on your wordpress page/post to display all US cities and their related business listings on your site's page/post.

Demo -

3) - [wplocalplus_zipcode] - Paste this shortcode on your wordpress page/post to create the search functionality on your site so that users have an access to search listings according to their own requirement.

Demo -

Video tutorial -

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