How do I change the end time of auction?

Solution - For this you need to change date column value in database. As of now this feature is not available in WPAuction Software .

Please follow these step:
- Update the "date_expiry" column in the wp_mam_auctions table in the MySQL database. After doing this, count-down timer adjusts properly and the item expires from the auction list( change the end time according to your requirement)

-Then run the cron job after you modify the time.

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    Kalle Mølbak Pedersen

    Hi there :-)

    I need this feature, and even though you write above, that it is not a feature yet, I still have to ask. Juuust to be sure :-)

    Is it possible for users to change the end time of a running auction? I need user to be able to end an auction whenever they want.

    I have my credit card ready and hope your nice plugin has the feature :-)

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    Thanks for the kind words .

    This feature already in our to-do list and will be available in next version, which is scheduled to be release in next 2 weeks .

    Have a great day,
    Regards ,
    Nishtha Dosaj - WPEka Team

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