Upgrading ctrtheme: Is there a new version out and how to upgrade?

Question: Is there a new version out and how to upgrade?

The current released version is v1.4.5. if your version needs an upgrade, the upgrade link will automatically appear in the dashboard.

You can check the version of your theme by going to Dashboard: Appearance->Themes. The ctrtheme here will display the version of the theme installed on your site.

To upgrade:
1) Login to your dashboard as an administrator
2) Click on the ctrtheme menu on the left
3) On the ctrtheme menu screen, there will be an administrator nag message on the top to upgrade
4) Upgrade the theme by clicking on the upgrade link.

Note: There is a known issue that upgrade link doesn't work when clicked from any other menu screens (like themes area). It only works from within the menu screen of ctrtheme.

It is recommended that you take a backup of the ctrtheme folder before upgrading the theme, in case you want to revert back the changes. 

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