Getting Started


Thanks for choosing CTR Theme.


1. Unzip the File in wp-contents -> Themes.
2. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and Activate the CTR Theme.
3. Thats All for the Installtion part.


1. Go to Dashboard -> CTR Theme Settings
2. Activation Settings -> Enter the Activation key that we sent you and register your site with us for future updates.
3. General Settings -> Select the sub-theme of your choice [ With Header Image and Navigation Menu - Lightblue ].
4. Pushdown Images -> Upload images to show on your Homepage with the Contents.
5. Adsense Options ->
i. Allows you to disable ads for specific referring sites (enter one per line - Eg: '' will match '', '', etc.
ii. Enter your adsense code in each of the TEXTAREA provided.
iii. Select the Ad layouts for Ad rotation on page refreshing. ( Multiple selection allowed )
iv. Generate the ad channel id to track the performance of the ads getting high CTR.
6. Homepage SEO Options -> Enter the details for SEO Purpose.


1. Go to Dashboard - Appearance -> Menus: Create Menus and Save it.
2. Widgets -> Pick Custom Menu Widget, Select the name of the menu you created from the dropdown and Place it wherever you wish to display your menus. Eg: Navigation Menu should be Place in 'Top Navigation' widget Area for Lightblue and fresh-n-clean sub-theme.

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