WPAdCenter - Setup and Configuration

1. Settings

The first menu item on the plugin menu is “Settings” and is for if you wish to sell advertising on your site. If you dont, then no need to fill it in. If you do, then you can enter your Paypal email and choose which currency you would like to accept payments in.

2. Add the First Advertiser

The next stage is to create the first advertiser, if your placing your own adverts this will be yourself. Select the “Advertisers” link from the plugin menu and fill in your name and email and hit “Add Advertiser”.

3. Create your Ad Zones

Ad Zones are simply places on your website that you want to show advertising in. You can create as many as you like. For example you might show a block of 4 banners in the sidebar, a larger banner in the header and a small banner at the end of each post – each one requires it’s own Ad Zone.

To create one, choose “Ad Zones” from the plugin menu and you will see a form to fill in to create it. Give the zone a name and choose a banner size from the dropdown menu. If the size you require isnt shown, then choose “custom” and enter the dimensions.

You can also give the zone a description. If you require more then one banner to be show at once, choose the “Multiple Banners” link and can choose how many to show vertically and horizontally at the same time.

The last option on this page is “Current Ad Zones” if you click this, it will list all the Ad Zones you have created for your site and clicking on their name will give you the chance to edit that zone.

4. Place Your Ad Zone Code

For the banners to show up on your website you will need to place some code for the Ad Zones you have created, there are 3 ways you can do this. While on the Ad Zones page ( choose Ad Zones from the plugin menu) expand the “Current Ad Zones” menu at the bottom and you will see all the zones listed.

Click “View” next to the Ad Zone you would like to place and it will slide down with some code listed. If you would like to place the Ad Zone code in a theme file, use the PHP code – you can paste this into any WordPress theme file. The second option is a shortcode – you can paste this in any WordPress post or Page and the Ad Zone will show there.

The 3rd and final way to show an Ad Zone is via a Widget, visit “Appearance” > “Widgets” and you will see a new widget called “WP AdCenter” – drag this to the place on your theme you want it to appear and then choose which Ad Zone you’d like to show from the drop down menu.

5. Create a Campaign

Now you have your Ad Zones created, you can create a campaign – a campaign is set of banners which will run in a specific Ad Zone. Select the “Campaigns” link from the plugin menu and you can add your first campaign. Give it a name and choose yourself from the Advertiser dropdown. Then you can pick a start and end date and click “Save Campaign”.

Now if you choose “Running Campaign” you will see the campaign you just created and you can start adding banners to it.

This page also lists any campaigns which you have paused, or ones which have expired.

6. Adding Banners

Choose “Banners” from the plugin menu and you can begin adding banners to the campaign you created. Choose your name from the advertiser drop down, give the banner a name, choose which Ad Zone it goes in from the drop down and type in the url it should go to.

You can then choose to upload a banner from your computer, link to an external banner’s URL or paste in code (HTML or Javascript).

Once the banner has been added, you can click “Current Banners” and you will see it listed. From here you can click the name of it if you want to edit it, or hover over “View” and the banner will be displayed.

If you just want to show your own banners on your site then you now know how to do it – the next stages deal with offering advertising space on your site and letting people purchase it via your website. Skip to the Checking Stastics section if you dont need this.

7. Creating Packages

If you wish to offer advertising space on your site that people can purchase online, you will need to create a package. A package is simply the deal that a person is buying, you can offer time-based packages or impression-based packages. An example of time-based would be “One Months Banner in Sidebar”. An example of impression-based would be “10,000 impressions in top bar”.

Visit the “Packages” link in the plugin menu and you can create a package. Give it a descriptive name and choose which Ad Zone from the dropdown. You can also enter a description. Decide whether it should be time-based or impression-based and then enter a price and either a time or number of impressions.

After you’ve added your packages, you can click the “Current Packages” link and they will be listed there. Clicking their name will let you edit the package or you can delete them from the system.

8. Place Your Signup Page

You will need a page where advertisers can signup, to do this, create a new page by visiting “Pages” > “Add New”. Name the page what ever you’d like and then just paste this code into it :


Now save the page and visit it on your site and you will see the signup page has been created.

Your advertiser can now go through the form and fill out their name and email address which will be there login details once you approve the order. They can also upload their banner and put the URL it is to go to. Once they click “Submit” they are taken to a confirmation page, clicking “Submit” again takes them to Paypal to complete payment, after which you will receive an email with the order details.

9. Approving Advertisers

When an advertiser purchases an advert via your website, you will receive an email notification ( make sure you have your correct email setup in WordPress and can receive emails ok).

If you visit the “Advertiser Status” link in the plugin menu, you will see the new advertiser listed there – you can then accept or decline the advertiser. Once you accept, their ad campaign goes live on your site. When you approve, the will also receive an email saying they have been accepted which contains a link for them to login with their details.

10. Checking Statistics

Once you have had campaigns running, you can check the statistics for them by visiting the “Statistics” link in the plugin menu. Choose the campaign from the dropdown and enter a start and end date, then hit the “View Graph” button.

You will see that page impressions are shown as bars and clicks are show over the top as a line.

Your advertisers can also login to your WordPress site and see only their own campaign statistics. To the right of the graph you have a print icon and a download icon which will save the graph as a .PNG file.

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